#18. N513RM:  This was the second plane to have a cowling pre-fit on the mock-up.  This Tiger was previously owned by a long-time Grumman pilot who did all of his own maintenance. To say this plane needed to be annualed by someone who knew what they were doing is putting it mildly.  From a fiberglass cover over the engine (no baffle seals) that was chafing the upper cowling, improperly installed brake master cylinders, gouges in the axle shafts, leaking #2 intake gasket, nose wheel yoke bearings worn through, improperly installed wheel fairings, to black tape on the alternator wiring that was not only burned, but chafed through about 60%. I cringe when I see this type of maintenance. I've added a pic of my wife and best friend. Clytie is blurry because I can never get a picture of her motionless.