The "Jaguar" Cowling:  N28840 was in my shop for a firewall forward restoration. I asked the owner, Travis, if I could use his plane for the development of the cowling I had in mind.  In exchange, I would give him a killer deal on the restoration.  Then, Garner Rice (formerly of Fletchair Inc.), gave me a damaged AG5B cowling as a starting point. You can't tell from the pictures, but I narrowed the cowling, in the lower front, by a total of 4 inches. Then, 9 gallons of Bondo, glue, and styrofoam and 3 months later I had a cowling.  After sanding it all to 600 grit, I painted it in white Imron.  It looked like a complete cowling. Dave built all of the tooling from my Master Tool.  This was the Summer of 2000.  By the Spring of 2002, I had a working cowling.