A real parking brake

. .Redux: In 1998, I installed the line-lock style parking brake from a later (1978 and newer) Tiger. See below. In this ground up restoration of a 1977 Cheetah (the worlds most expensive Cheetah), also got an upgrade to the parking brake. This installation is a lot simpler than the 1998 version. I began with a production Cleveland parking brake, Model A-110 (Aircraft Spruce P/N 60-5, $384.95, as of 10/25/10). Instead of running the cable down and then back up to the valve like the production Grumman does, I ran it down the avionics brace to the valve. I added a rivnut to the firewall to further support the cable; not sure it was really needed.
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Parking brake (1998):
Parking brake (2009):
Install pics (2009):
This is the first conversion.  It was quite simple.  This uses the same parking valve that the '78 and later uses.
This one uses a Cleveland (i.e., EXPENSIVE) parking brake.  The cable comes over the top.
Two more pics of the installation.