Power Flow Exhaust Systems
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I'm a Power Flow dealer because I believe they are the best solution to the exhaust systems in Tigers, Cheetahs, and Travelers.  I like the way they fit.  I like the power.  I like the looks.  They aren't cheap replacements.  They are complete, well made replacements for the OEM exhaust system.  They are just better.  No more cracked risers for one.

I will sell a complete system, for any airplane, for $100 over my cost.  I say that because I never know from one day to the next what my cost is.  Power Flow is a strange company when it comes pricing.  I get a basic discount of 15%.  On top of that, there are dealer incentives that range from $100 to $400 additional off the list price.  I can call and order a PFS and a few days later find out I could have had an additional $400 off if I had waited.  So, CALL FOR PRICING.  Click on the picture to return to "Restoration Page"

This is my plane.  The OEM blew out the whole end of the muffler.  That won't happen now.

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